A solid foundation supports great heights.
Your child will soar through this program!

What are the benefits of the foundations programs?
  • Builds confidence
  • Improves motivation
  • Fosters independent thinking
  • Better grades
  • Strengthens problem solving
  • First step in achieving higher order thinking

What is the foundations program?

  • The foundations program teaches children the essential skills and knowledge of the subject matter
  • The program is designed to encourage children in becoming motivated self-starters, learners, and problem solvers
  • Once children have completed the program they will have the foundations to succeed and be confident in elementary and high school classes
  • Suitable for children and teens of all ages that struggle or want a head start in the chosen subject

How does the program work?

The foundation programs are designed for children to be confident, motivated, and independent learners. An instructor is always available to provide assistance as your child works through a series of worksheets specially designed for them.

Three foundation programs are available: Math, Reading, Writing, subcategories of these include Spelling, Phoenics, Grammer.

An appropriate work level is achieved through an initial assessment and our understanding of the desired learning goals for your child. The Program Director establishes a program, or combination of programs, that will be continuously monitored and adapted as required for your child as the sessions progress. Homework is assigned weekly to reinforce the week's lesson.



Our math program is designed to move children beyond rote learning and memorization into deeper levels of understanding. The program begins with a series of drills and computations with the purpose of establishing a solid knowledge base. Once this is achieved we move children into word problems and problem solving questions. The program moves in baby steps, and is designed to increase children confidence and create a positive association with mathematics.


We offer two types of reading programs. One is more of a phonics based program that assists with reading as well as spelling. The other focus heavily on reading comprehension and answering both closed questions (true/false, multiple choice, one word response), and open questions (paragraph writing with justification or evidence from the text).


Our writing foundations uses any one or combination of: spelling series 1-8, grammar series 1-8, and a compilation of writing exercises that move through paragraph writing as well as fiction and factual writing. These exercises are supported by the use of graphic organizers (meaning structured writing templates to assist with order, structure, and format).

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